Design engineering

     "SibTechProject" LLC renders services in design drafting (assembly drawings, detail drawings, specifications, instructions, etc.) of machinery units and equipment, tanks and vessels, food processing equipment, steel structures of various applications, including construction structures (metal structures, steel structure details, erection drawings, etc.), other details and structures;       as well as piping and instrument drawings.
     All activities are performed in sophisticated 3D-CAD programs, furthering strength analysis, which, in its turn, reduces project development and documentation execution time. We develop design documentation for units and parts, new products and equipment, tools and metal structures, 3D assembly unit design (with diversity of elements).
     We also offer services in reverse engineering: required design documentation is developed according to the process of duplicating existing unit, part or equipment.                                                                                 This documentation is   executed according to Unified System for Design Documentation (USDD) and client's requirements.                                                                                                                                               If necessary, all drawings, instructions and other technical documents can be translated from English into Russian and visa versa.