Automation cabinet SiBBox production

Another service package is industrial process automation.  Industrial process automation provides stable and reliable equipment operation,  enhances maintainability, reduces human factor which, in it turn, positively affects the product quality and furthers costs cutting.  

Service package for developing automatic process control systems (APCS) includes:
a) target study;
b) technical design assignment (TDA) and its approval; 
c) electrical network lay-out;
d) project documentation development (if required);
e) production and delivery of needed equipment;
f) commissioning start-up;
g) warranty and post-warranty service on facility. 
Basic equipment of industrial process automation is control panel. Our Company has developed control panel line- SiBBox for different industrial processes.

Classification and labeling of control panel SiBBox

The following criteria should be considered when electing this or that control panel SiBBox:

1. Application

a) single-functional: designed and produced and custom-tailored; labeled “S”; 
b) standard: control line for ventilation systems; labeled “P”- vacuum; “PV”-  inflow-exhaust;”PVR”- inflow-oulet with recovery unit;
c) standard: remote pumping unit; labeled “N”; 
d) standard: heating system control and regulation of heat consumption processes in heating and hot water supply systems; labeled “T”; (Ref. Production of standard types according to input form).