Numerical simulation

     Limited Liability Company “Siberian Technology Project” ("SibTechProject" LLC) offers commercial and research institutions, as well as private sectors services in computer modeling and numerical simulations for different processes and problem-solving in various fields of physics, for example:

- problems in heat transfer, convection, hydro-aerodynamics and thermodynamics (systems of cooling or heating, spraying, gas distribution);

- problems in blade flow, streamline motion, aeroplane flow and laminar flow; stream flow problems of reacting mixtures and plasmas; problems of heat transfer phenomena in solid bodies, etc; problems in  mterial strength, heat resistance and shear stability; and problems in stability / integrity of structures and kinematic systems.  

     Numerical simulation improves existing structures, cabinets and/or facilities, develops and conducts updated technical survey without involving high-priced practical experiments. In this case, introducing any alterations into the device and/or facility structure or design, one could corrupt it. BUT numerical simulation would identify and indicate what alteration or addition could affect the facility operation results, as well as boost the awareness of occurring processes and further the development of new ideas.