Residential house with community infrastructure and facilities in Tomsk


Residential house is located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Tomsk at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Uchebnaya streets. The complex involves 15149m² designed to customer-tailored project and includes 4 block sections with varying number of floors,   centralizing the house simply within the neighborhood. This house serves as an extension of the  urban transformation within this neighborhood, as it is included in the capital construction project. Most of this neighborhood involves typical low-rise family houses with low landscape planning and insufficient social infrastructure.

Building structure- cast-in-place frame construction with exterior brick walls mounted on cast-in-place floor slab panels. Walls with external insulation are designed from mineral wood board in composition of ventilated facade systems with external facing ceramic granite slabs.

The facade setting is based on composition technique, i.e. contrast of facades—ceramic granite slabs and glass curtain walls.

This new residential house stands out for its advanced architectural decision, modern engineering systems of air conditioning, ventilation, high-quality materials for internal and external finishing.    Today, residents want to have maximum services without going out, so another imprtant factor of this complex is to provide community infrastructure and facilities, including:
• fitness center with sport facilities and gym of 838 m²;
• offices of different community infrastructure and facilities;
• parking for 67 car-places

The project is developed in software package Autodesk Revit. All the project development stages  were involved as one model includes all the information before and after reconstruction. Revit enhances the model to be divided into logical stages of the life cycle, such as “existing,”  “dismantling,” “reconstruction,” and “project.”
The project passed expertise in “Siberian Expertise Center  and  Conformance Evaluation”OOO (branch in Novosibirsk)- positive conclusion  № 2-1-1-0023-15 dated  09.07.2015.