Residential estate «Symbol», Moscow


Designed apartment block located in the south- eastern administrative neighborhood of Moscow, Lefortovo district within the territory of previous Moscow Metallurgical Plant. 
Project concept was designed by well-known architect companies: British agencies LDA Design and UHA London. Perspective architectural plan was developed by Moscow  Atritum OOO. 
Our architect agency developed the design decisions and MED (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) systems based on BIM. 
Complex residential estate involves 5 multi-use apartment blocks with varying number of storeys (tower buildings- 6-16 floors and top buildings- 23-27 floors) with non-residential extensions and underground parking. The apartment blocks embrace two central entrances with required passes into housing access through an isolated inner court, which, in its turn, would provide increased security level of its residents.  
The building is eye-catching due to its unusual bionic architecture – numerous rounded and flowing lines of the facades and visual lack of arris. This results in the “thawing” appearance of the facade.

The predominate facade finishing of most skyscapers (tower buildings) involves vertical lines with alternating light and dark strips, while in mid/ low-rise apartment blocks- horizontal lines. In this case, the contrast of light and line contours create a united architectural complex. Flowing vertical lines at the variable depth protuding edges of diverse facade materials (suspended facades faced with gradient tiles and suspended facades with light composite panels) splits the monotonous building face and creates non-standard and eye-catching characterization.     
Another specific architectural feature is the significant fenestration area. The staircase-elevator block in the residential section is oriented to the north which provides maximal premises exposure to the south and good room insolation.

According to the building structural scheme is cross-wall construction of monolithic walls, slabs, columns and beams. All load-bearing structures are designed of in-situ reinforced concrete. Thickness of all load-bearing structure elements have been calculated within complex SCAD program where 3D models of separate block complexes were calculated and reinforcement of building elements were determined, which, in its turn, made it possible to analyses foundation failure.

Building spatial rigidity and sustainability ensure collaboration of load-bearing in-situ reinforced concrete construction – pillars, shear walls, combined monolithic floor slabs. 
Reinforced – concrete structures were designed to include the engineering systems and the most loaded utility system sectors i.e. basements. This had to be finished on time within the construction site by taking into account the geometry of all utility systems. We managed to do this.

Specific feature of this construction work-numerous unforeseeable changes in the initial design project (changes in architectural solutions (AS) and work performance project (WPP) resulting in required changes in the development and design concept and rules of site transfer). It is important to emphasize that the above-mentioned changes are considered during the project construction and structure construction at 0° and lower, i.e.  sensitive to changes of architectural and engineering networks. In spite of above-mentioned project features, all construction work was completed at a high level – no building halt, no requirement in executing apertures in completed structures

Installation of utility systems include parking ceiling on the ground floor. The sections   have individual conditioning system- in-house / multi split system air conditioning units. 
Heating system- two-pipe drop heating system independent of bottom distribution and floor-by-floor distribution from manifold box installed in floor cement screed. Apartment heating system is designed the basis of heat loss compensation through enclosing parts. BMS system for all engineering system housing have been executed.

Residential Complex “Symbol” - modern and comfortable “Business” - class neighborhood in the center of Moscow.
Unique architecture, individual finishing of every residential building and full-scale up-to-date district infrastructure create an unparalleled atmosphere of a residential complex, where everyone can feel oneself free and cosy. Here there are no limits and discomfort that exist in a noisy metropolis.     
The project has been successfully completed. Now house construction is under going.