Tomsk Shopping Mall and Recreation Center “Emerald City”


Shopping Mall and Recreation Center “Emerald City”- premier shopping destination in Tomsk of European level with brand-new shopping environment. It is located within the vicinity of a significant transport route – Komsomolski Prospect. Total shopping mall floor area is 42 345 m2. Shopping Mall and Recreation Center (SMRC) opening was planned in September 2013-February 2014. 
Its a multi-functional center, including supermarket, food court, movie halls, cafe, restaurants, administrative, household and utility service rooms, as well as car parking of 750    car-places. 

Design organization OOO “Architecture Studio” developed the architecture-construction project plan.

Our Company employees executed all adjustments of building MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) systems within the Project stage, and develop engineering documents of electricity supply and lighting, water supply and sewerage, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), cold supply systems, security system and communications network. The project was completed in software package Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 2013.

This shopping mall embraces up-to-date utility systems and facilities. The Project involved advanced developing and reviewing adopted concepts, calculatingly load and selecting new equipment.
Building electricity is supplied through transformer substation. The Project specified actions in electricity conservation.

SMRC heating system installation is located on the ground floor, connected to central heat distribution station ( CHDS). Heat supply source is autonomous gas boiler house.  Forced mechanical air-exhaust ventilation. Central refrigerating plant is the source for cold supply of conditioning system.

Automation of all systems provides possible  Building Management System (BMS) of the basic equipment parameters. 

Water is  directly discharged  from  SMRC into central municipal sewage system, while  in local zones – water waste passes through different filters. For example,  stormwater runoff from parking territory and roofing is stored in a separate treatment tank.  At the stage of design development a highly effective and long-time vacuum system Geberit Pluvia was introduced for disposal of storm sewage.

Territorial security and safety within SMRC includes security alarm system, access control and Smartec-based video surveillance, as well as video-audio intercom system. These engineering systems embrace area protection of public access, including central and service entrances/ exists, off-street loading / unloading zones, malls and rest lobbies, public and service corridors. Additionally, We developed structured cable system (SCS) – complete system of cabling and associated hardware which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. 

Building electricity supply is provided by three built-in main distribution boards (MDB)  zonally dividing the customers. To reduce the load on the building roof, decrease electrical installation work volume and further engineering system monitoring, Italian NAXSO bus-bar bridge system was applied as distributive public power network. It is an alternative to the bus-structured cable track. To provide uninterrupted operation of all electrical appliances and equipment the designed building engineering system involved consumer standby power supply from diesel-generator , as well as from central no-break system (NBS). To provide working, emergency and designer lighting electrical appliances from leading European producers were used. Isolated electrical power supply system of emergency lamps and indicators was also included in the project plan.