Technological carriage in Shopping Mall and Recrea


Clear-story (sliding roof light)  is the creatively unique spotlight and finishing touch of the whole architectural construction Shopping Mall and Recreation Center“ Manezh.” At the same time it is a rather complex architectural design.  According to our project this clear-story (roof light) is more than 500 m², size- approximately 16m x33m. Technical Design Assignment (TDA) incorporated the development of a labor-saving equipment for effective, safety and convenient service (maintenance and cleaning-up) of this facility (transparent roofing). 
Mechanic engineer designers of our Company developed technological carriage to have direct access to the Manezh sliding rooflight. Calculated design via special programs (Autodesk Inventor, Ansys) included graphic calculations with specified parameters (frame, frame rails  for slacking, strength reserve coefficient).

Design concept
Technological carriage is installed on tracks to move along sliding roof light. Carriage movement is mechanized by an electric motor. Carriage start-up is performed by mobile console and/ or  control box located near the sliding roof light. To prevent overturning and distortion specific bumpers (stops) are used allowing parallel movement along the tracks. Tracks are installed on supports bearing on reinforced concrete structures.   

Engineering design includes several basic units:
1. Frame: basic carriage load-bearing structure as two members connected by beams; members and beams are made from rectangular tubes. 
2. Stage: to provide weight reduction and effective usage of the carriage in winter, the stage is made from reinforcement panels of steel perforated sheet with large cells. 
3. Metal wheel: structure as connected disks, which significantly decrease the carriage weight and, in winter, break down ice on the tracks (in case of ice formation). The wheel is installed on  bearings which significantly decrease propel effort of the carriage and increase service life.    Wheel disks and frame bearings are made from sheet metal produced by casting method and /or  machine processing. 
4.Railings: made from rectangular tubes.
5. Antiprotection device for overturning under conditions of strong winds. It includes rollers and   fastenings. 
6.  Up stairs to the carriage: lightweight metal trailer.
7. Driving mechanism: electromotor.
8. Supporting block:  metal-roll tracks with metal supports.