Sports and Fitness Center in Novosibirsk


                                                                                               “We want to create the purely organic building, boldly emanating its inner laws, free of untruths or ornamentation.” -Walter Gropius (German architect).

Sports and Fitness Center is designed for health-fitness activities for students of Siberian State Geodetic Academy, Novosibirsk and is located in close proximity to the academic buildings.

Initially, the target was to adjust the design and engineering documentation in accordance with existing regulations. However, after a detailed overview and analysis of initial data and documents, the specialists revealed numerous comments and faults which significantly implied difficulties in developing qualitative documentation, as well as emerging questions requiring correction and constructive elaboration. In particular, in developing constructive solutions of the Project a set of non-conformities between engineering-geological survey and technical specifications of planned building were revealed. In general, revealed comments and errors, including calculations, significantly increased the project scope in documentation correction.

Thus, the specialists decided to conduct additional calculation analysis of existing technical specifications of building structures and foundation. Statistic and constructive calculations were conducted by automated method through software program SCAD Office. Characteristic aspects of technical (engineering) solutions required calculation within complete 3D steel frame model with ready-made floor framing and incorporation of subfoundation works in view of geological conditions into design diagram of design (analytical) model.

The calculation analysis results determined unacceptable project errors and enables to optimize the frame design model and decrease material expenditure.

Finally, Company specialists actually developed new project construction documentation. Within the framework of the project documentation development space layout and structural decisions were changed. According to the plan Sports and Fitness Center building is a rectangular of   42m*21m in the axes and is divided into basement and subground sections. 

Training halls for different sports and other multifunctional rooms are located on the floors. Parking space for 22 car- places is in the basement. Building structural diagram – metal supporting frame, including metal columns, metal beams and site pre-cast floor. External walls of building basement includes sandwich-type wall panels with fiber-reinforced cement slabs. It is noteworthy to mention the achievements of our Company architects. Our young and talented architect N Uzgorov under the supervision of Chief Project Architect O. Semina developed rough sketch of Sports and Fitness Center.

Theoretically,  we wanted to create an updated sport complex with an integrated facade and optimal organization of inner space. However, during project development we encountered such factors as height limitation and constrained space, as well as client's requests and neighboring buildings. It was necessary to find such a solution that would meet the requirements of all parties  without damage to the architecture of the complex itself.  So, what could be constructed from only a standard set of “walls, floor and ceiling?”

The following projects inspired our architect and team:

1. Yufutoku Restaurant in Central Tokyo is designed by ISSHO Architects, the building implements machiya-style wooden louvers to its facade, evoking forms seen within traditional Japanese townhomes, the depth of each slat sequentially varies across the face of the yufutoku restaurant, as different patterns of light spill through the front side from the interior fabric,
allowing a gradual change of character at dawn, especially when viewed from the main street.

2. Aomori's Nebuta Musuem Wa Rasse Музей Nebuta (in northern Japan) -  The museum is housed in a unique building covered in red metal slats. Each slab is placed parallel to the facade plane, while others are slightly bend forming filled-in panels.

3. Linz Hair Salon by Austrian architects- features a facade with a “three dimensional architectural (hair) wave.”

The landmark of our project is the main facade. Our architects developed an interactive facade:   while walking  along the street, the perception of the building facade changes, which is achieved by the relief  of  light-shielding ribs. These ribs have  different profiles creating a pattern on the facade. Thus, the façade creates the illusion of movement, animating the surroundings and intertwining the building with city life.

The main building facade is located in the southern side, so light-shielding ribs a mobile (regulating function). Ribs create shade and reduce the load on the air-conditioning system- it is possible to regulate light and heat regime in a building with such a simple energy efficient technology.  Besides, an integrated architectural character of this building with its surroundings  was created: the lawns shaped as small architectural ribs also involve different contours and creating an unusual pattern on the surface. This project was included in the contest” Projects of buildings and facilities of 2012-2013” and architecture festival “White Tower 2013” which is annually conducted by Publishing House “TATLIN”.  The motto of our project included the words of the famous German architect Walter Gropius  “Comfortable, cheap, picturesque!”

Comments of architect N Uzgorov from "SibTechProject" LLC: 

“The project reflects its major function- sport, embracing dynamic architecture. The difficulty is that this project site is located within the confined city planned area; no possibility to play with space; limited floors. So, the building had to be regular and standard shape in construction.  To enliven the architectural composition,  we included a gallery on the second floor, framed by dark supports creating the effect of cloudy building.  The main space is light due to outer light-shielding ribs creating a plastic and sailing facade. This was our first experience. I think it's great! ”