Skolkovo- architectural design competition


"SibTehProekt" architect team participated in the project development of innovation center   “Skolkovo” for the first time in history. This was an open tendering project in residential construction within the site planning of “TechnoPark”  (French office of planning design Valode & Pistre). Skolkovo TechnoPark – one of the basic urban elements within Skolkovo Innovation Center, which is a service backup platform for company-participants. TechnoPark became the first innovation zone involving tender architects.  
It is without doubt that “Skolovo” project is a milestone in Russian urban planning and architecture. Skolovo” is a unique innovative project which is impossible to implement within the framework of existing traditional architecture standards. One of the major targets of this project was to search and develop sophisticated city planning and architectural tasks, embracing    environmental-friendly understanding of the problems to be solved by different world-wide
specialists, as well as creating a powerful research-development community. In this case the competition priority was creativity in architectural problem-solving. Innovation center exterior should reflect its ideology – newly sophisticated city – innovative, eco-friendly, targeted for forecoming modernization and improvement.
The competition target was real estate development of three residential areas within  Skolovo district (D2), each of which would include the following apartment houses:  apartment block on “220 m island”, terraced houses  on “ 166 m island” and detached houses (single-family house) on “236 m island). The competition organizers set high quality standards. Based on preliminary planning concepts and calculations, detailed technical and economic indexes were preset, parameters of site development and detailed neighborhood design for each “island” were determined. However, the project had to be original, economic, sustainable and eco-friendly.  Despite such limits our architects find a happy medium—creativity, flexible, novelty of architectural decisions including prescribed functional chastity of real estate development.

Our Company presented development design project of the first residential area. Real estate development involved 8-storey slab block of flats. Six floors (2nd to 7th ) included 1-room apartments (45 m2 ) and 2 bedroom apartments to studios. The last floor embraces 2- and 3-room apartments (95,6 to 133,6 m2 ) with green house roof exit. Apartment houses are located like a circular island and real estate development intergrows into the landscape. 
Architectural decisions of residential house facades involve “layer-like” structures creating self-regulating climatic ecosystem. Transforming glass screens made from low-emissivity glass further air convection, wind shield, increasing energy efficiency of facade surfaces, which, in its turn, promote the optimization of indoor climate. The walls of the lower floors being of vertical greening and transforming screens from low-emissivity glass with dirt-dust proof cover are natural filters which purify and filter the entering air.

This “green” filter works 24-hours as it is located on the wall in “zero” zone boundary.  This enhances heat throughout winter days, decreasing heat loss, while in summer excludes overheating. 
Project packaging is accessible as PDF  (2,82 MB), click link.