Reconstruction of Sports and Entertainment Palace


Draft project architect Nikolai Uzgorov, from "SibTechProject" LLC.

Sports and Entertainment Palace was built in 1970 in Tomsk and up to now it is the largest city indoor sport and concert venue: here music concerts, circus performances and different sport events. 

From 1998 this building has been reconstructed several times, only the appearance. It is difficult to consider that these reconstructions were functional because it is obvious that Sports Palace is distressed and does not meet the modern requirements for mass cultural and sports events.

Prevailing factors in reconstructing Sports Palace involved solving two problems: space-planning and town planning. The major target of draft project is extending the functional areas of this complex. We proposed planning concept to organize maximum and effectively the working function of the complex with dimensions to existing town planning of the historic-cultural structure of the city.   

Construction stage I 

A block section of 7224m² was built to the left side of the building, resulting in additional halls:  training gym, gym room, lockers, warming up hall, coach room.

Taking into account that there are hotel, shopping stalls, residential and administrative buildings around Sports Palace the architects proposed to construct an underground parking of 138 car places. Above the parking there will be a landscaped and planted park area, which, in its turn, does not interfere into the visible integration of the surrounding park, children playground and recreation ground.

block-section will also be connected to the existing hotel building “Sport Hotel”. This would be convenient and comfortable for hosts and sportsman-visitors as they can enter the hotel indoor, and not outdoor.   

Construction stage II

A block section of 9686m² was built to the right side of the building, resulting in constructing a swimming pool and different profile sport gyms, coach rooms, sport sections, showers and  lockers. This block-section will also be connected to constructing shopping-administrative building.

Construction stage III

This stage includes the construction of the administrative block with private entrance and underground parking of 144 car places. This building includes office of Sports Palace director, receptions, as well as service, engineering and utility service and utility rooms. During the construction stages I and II all sport events and performances will be in the Sports Palace.

Construction stage IV

Dismantling of existing building, roof reconstruction, construction of new arena and tribune.  It is presupposed that block sections I and II would be fully functioning according to the schedule.  The building is attractive, especially the unusual roof which will be landscaped and planted and embrace sport and playgrounds- in this way we increase the landscaped area surrounding the Sports Palace.

Construction stage V

Block-section V would house utility rooms. The project incorporates the entry zone where one can find the central lobby, cloakrooms, booking offices, first aid station, toilets and security room. Before the central entrance a parking of 124 car places will be organized. Thus, after the reconstruction Sports Palace will acquire new appearance, i.e. it will become more mobile, updated and multifunctional. Now, this infrastructure embraces all that is necessary for high-class cultural and sports events with large audiences and spectators. Earlier,  if visitors of Tomsk simply passed by this “faceless block”, now it has become a vivid symbol of Tomsk sport infrastructure.