Multi-family (Apartment) houses. st. Yakusheva str


Ideal balance of comfort, style, reliability and functionality are the main characteristics that residents want to see in their houses.
Nowadays developers of megalopolises pay great attention to creating the most comfortable conditions in residential complexes. The main focus is on creating a comfortable, harmonious environment, which means a new approach to residential space organization: it must go beyond the apartments.
For this reason the main goal of the project is creation of comfortable, accessible and friendly environment for living.
The project involves the creation of a five-sectional 5-9-storeyed residential building with built-in parking.
Building area is 4477,14 m2.
The plane of the building has a П-shape and forms a comfortable interior space closed from 3 sides.

The project is carried out on a limited area. So, its major aim is to find a special character of development for creating a new type of urban space - organic, lively and inspiring for people. The project is a combination of two different typologies: the open quarter and the tower which are connected by public and green spaces.

Architectural appearance is a combination of finishing materials and deaf and glazed sides of the facades that emphasize building's tectonics.
Each detail in the quarter reflects the philosophy of comfortable living. Apartments have thoughtful planning solutions, spacious kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms.
The peculiarity of the project is the use of the modular system. The plans are based on a grid of 3,450 x 3,450 mm. An interesting solution is also the implementation of large windows with low window sills.  The firebreakers of the floor slab form "French" balconies on the brick facades of the buildings.

Engineering systems of the quarter creates comfortable conditions for residents and visitors of administrative premises.

There are also apartment heating systems with counting registers in the building.
Heating devices don’t cover the stained glass in the rooms. Devices have a small height and located next to the windows and exits to the balcony.
The apartment ventilation system deserves a special attention. The influx of fresh air is provided through plenum valves, hidden in the window cornices, located, as a rule, above the heating devices. This provides the most comfortable air temperature in the entire space of living rooms.

Modern house should provide necessary level of comfort all year round, so for all apartments there are places for installing outdoor air conditioning units, openings in external walls for air conditioning communications and a separate drainage pipeline system hidden in the external facade system.
Administrative premises on the ground floor have their own independent heating and ventilation systems.

The built-in parking is designed without heating system but has a ventilation system switched on by air pollution sensor inside the parking.
All engineering systems are harmoniously inscribed inside the building and hidden by facade solutions.


Every decision that affects the facade of the building is discussed with architects and designers. Each designer is doing his job as if he were doing it for himself. We hope that soon designer and developer will create the project with this "as for themselves" approach.