“Krimsk” Residential District in Novosibirsk


Monumentality and majesty, modesty and nobility, glass and stone, Empire style and art-deco- we combined all this in one.

“Krimsk” residential district in Novosibirsk (Leninski neighborhood) is a rather new, cosy and comfortable district for city residents. However, it is not included in the town planning – this territory is located in the reconstruction area where there are one/ two storey houses, as well as shabby wooden houses. Thus, our main target was to relieve town planning stress-  develop a concept of the district, decorating it picturesque architectural dominant.  

Residential building of 21216 m² of 4 blocks of varying number of storeys, centralizing the building by one-way slabs. Constructive building diagram – reinforced concrete composite frame without collar beams.

The spatial rigidity of each bay of the building is designed individually in accordance with given architectural concept. The residential building has hinged ventilated facade on aluminum frame to bearing wall surface. Indoor finish depends on functional and operating requirements by using high-quality materials. We should pay attention to the  architectural aspect of the building. Our project- sophisticated reinterpretation of “Stalinist Empire style.” We have inherited many beauty canon of previous USSR. What do people remember of Soviet architecture?  At the top of one's head – the famous “Stalinist skyscrapers:” for example, building of Foreign Affairs Ministry or skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building in Moscow which combines strict architectural form, majestic proportions and  distinguished décor.

Housing architecture creates the image of reliability and stability, longevity and safety. It is reliability and stability that every resident feels in his/her apartment. It is this that we tried to implement into our project, but only an up-dated interpretation.

Original architectural solution – different number of building floors – creates parameters of statics and rhythm, while in combination with the unique style the building itself reflects an illusion of vastness, representing a particular majestic image.

The building architectural facade implemented classical proportions reflecting its monumentality- rather heavy rusticated base and rather light upper part. Architectural cubage of the residential building is strict,  reserved, where many elements are similar to Empire style, eclectic and art-decor intertwining with different elements – arch, pilaster, rustication groove, cornices with significant weight. Facade fretwork introduces noble gloss and distinguished color. The modern building appearance is reflected by glass curtain wall of the upper floors and balconies. White, soaring upward pilasters, visually divide th facade into zones, creating space and rhythm. Decorative eaves highlight the regularity of lines rendering architectural-artistic completeness.

Lighting is under the cornices and directly behind them, creating a change of colors and space on the facade at night. Residents of the upper floors have spectacular views of the city and exit to a cosy terrace which can be well -designed as one likes. Color gamma evokes memories of traditional “Stalinist monumentality“- darker downward and fluffy light upward. Facade wall plane is separated by interfloor zone- white cornice visually divides the building into two parts.

Palette is of natural tones; dark-brown and sand hues, details-white. Landscape development involves cosy yards with comfortable living environment:  pathways, pavements,  children and sport playgrounds, recreation playgrounds, service grounds and dog runs. Parking area and garage are also included for individual vehicles. The residential house is to become an ornate of the district comparable to twin panel houses  which you can see everywhere. Unique style and soft color combinations create an unparalleled aura, harmonious architectural status of the building: majestic, monumental and    respectable.