Letovo International School, Moscow


A unique education establishment of European level - “Letovo” International School, including on-campus accommodation, will be opened in September, 2018 on Sosenka river bank near the village Letovo.

This International School is a mini-education town, i.e. an education establishment of a new system and structure.  The project was based on universal school construction principles which have been used for more than 20 years abroad -multi-fuctionality and flexible spaces.  The Letovo School infrastructure includes 19,000m² of premise space, 10 dormitories, 40 study rooms, a 1000-seat theater, 5 library halls, 9 research laboratories, 4 gyms and 1 stadium.
The construction plan of the multi-storey (from 2 to 4) school building represents a three-pointed star where the classrooms and study rooms for creative activities are located in the north-eastern and southern star points and the sporting premises in the western point. 
From the southern wing through insulated link building one can get into the boarding-house: 4 buildings with accommodation for 560 people. On the campus the teachers can live: house for teachers – three tower-buildings of variable height.

The school project involves numerous transforming rooms. For example, a section of the school building core, the foyer is an atrium — a specific feature of this building.  Most of the time, this complex and transforming space performs the function of student lounge. But, when it is necessary, it can be transformed into a theater zone or auditorium. The project envisages multi- learning class rooms (“opening” walls outwards into the hall, individual and group zones), gym separated into zones vertically and horizontally to implement 2- levels simultaneously.  The creative wing houses orchestral room, art-studio, robotics studio, rooms for individual music lessons and sound recording studio.    The school building also has sophisticated research laboratories, library, choreography room, theater and swimming pool. Level-building interconnects amphitheater staircase and winter garden with “living wall”.

With regard to the utility systems, there is a balanced natural ventilation system which provides optimal micro-climate conditions in winter, summer and off seasons linked with refrigerating system monoblock (chiller). To ensure comfortable conditions fan coil units are installed regulating the micro-climate. Split-system AC units are in the family houses. The heat supply system is an isolated gas boiler house located on the territory of the campus.

The project design was based on initiator-architect concept (Holland) and author’s idea, and embraced Atritum architects, project owners and future school principals.  
Accordingly, every involved company / organization proposed their construction planning, design solutions and relevant equipment. These proposals were examined and approved several times, as well as approved design decisions. 
It should be noted that after all preliminary activities very little remained of the initial construction planning.

“Letovo” International School is a unique project involving high-ranking educational system organization, up-to-date platform for implementing and developing advanced learning and teaching techniques, vibrant and diverse creative environment        enhancing such the atmosphere for study, research, creativity and active and interesting life within our country.