Residential district “Sky Bay” in Novosibirsk


Architectural-planning concept of residential district “Sky Bay”

The new target of our Company was to change the concept of a town environment. If you ask a citizen to describe a residential district where he/she lives, most would say” nothing attractive, only a gray picture of drabby, anonymous high-block houses, often panel buildings and termed as “concrete jungles” with a poorly-developed infrastructure.”
Sky Bay is an updated architecture concept town. It is a harmonious, architecturally monolithic,  residential district absolutely different from other districts. 

Ob River Embankment and Canal

Architects created the concept conveying the town atmosphere of the “on waterfront” European cities. The urban layout of this new residential district would be comparable to the town planning  pattern of Dutch and Swedish cities. It is their architecture that is so unique and embraces an individual appearance, environmental orientation, distinctive layout and real estate development.     It is an interesting fact that Dutch architects approach each design project as:  they consider each separate building” not as the one and only one,” but one of the numerous interrelated urban components, harmoniously group of buildings with natural landscape. 

We tried to create a cosy neighborhood – the place where a person would like to come back, where a person would feel himself/herself free and want to live here. Our work is based on the European experience in residential development: all the components are tightly interconnected- water, landscape, houses, transport routes and pedestrian walkways. One can see impressive views from the windows of any apartment, while at the top floors everything plainly visible.  The land site property boundary under construction is 28.4 hect.

Sky Bay residential district is winningly located: on the one side, a water body - Yarin back water and, on the other side- splendid scenery. We strived to highlight this individuality and the neighboring eastern Ob River bank embraced wide-reaching recreation zone and picturesque landscaped embankment where one can walk admiring the magnificent panorama.  


The central zone of this district attracts one's attention- i.e. elite Dutch residential houses. There will be an artificial canal with pedestrian and automobile bridges -one of the main ornate features.  The apartment windows open on to this canal-  we enclosed this water body not only as a part of this district landscape,  but also it visualizes apartment open space, creating an unparalleled and individual concept. It would be pleasant to fall asleep under the splash of the water and enjoy the river freshness on a summer day.

City environment and infrastructure

The district embraces a modern and convenient transport-pedestrian communication. The project involves a 2-level traffic stream: lower level- only for road traffic from automobile parking and  transportation facility loading for houses and public buildings; upper level-  pedestrian, bicycles and elector-automobiles. This sophisticated solution in organizing such a transport-pedestrian  communication would unburden the residential district from automobiles and preserve an atmosphere of tranquility and freshness.

Vertically, the territory is conventionally divided into three levels:

level 1- pound water level of Ob River;

level 2- organizing parking for residents and hosts of this district;

level 3- transport-pedestrian communication, entry elements in housing and community development, organization of public services and amenities.

Entry elements are different in combining building cubic capacity, number of floors; varying in planning concept depending on the location in the district structure. Architecture- town planning concept Sky Bay includes 2 housing types:

I- zone of multi-storeyed houses having pre-school institutions, administrative-shopping premises and social premises;

II- town planning of buildings with minimum floors. These Dutch houses will be built along the canal.

There are cosy yards around all these residential houses with well-furnished playgrounds, gardens, parks, cosy nooks with benches for relaxation and chatting. This, all in all, serves the possible expansion of visual space enhancing spatial and visual diversity.  

Multi-purpose complex, the core of which are boutiques, is on the embankment of Ob River back water.  Westward the rows of boutiques are enclosed by a sport center, while, eastward-a park. The eastern district is enclosed by specialized ore-school and school where an illuminated seated stadium is located. This would be the community center of the residential district.
Sideways from the stadium the recreation zone is located and westward the territory is enclosed by a park close to the sport center.

Across the Yarin back water there is pedestrian bridge as two arches- one between the banks, the other – uplifted. When boats pass by the construction rises forming an arch.  35m towers are installed on both banks. There lifts in these towers leading to the helipad.

Sky Bay —modern living space which embraces family values, healthy and active lifestyle.

One can state that this presents a certain lifestyle- for those who are active, sophisticated and esteems sustainability,  vast surrounding expanse and comfort of personal space. “Sky Bay” attracts residents from the central and left bank in Novosibirsk.

Magnificent and picturesque Dutch houses are seen in the background of the artificial canal, while numerous parks, squares, as well as embankment which exposes elegancy and enhances the romantic atmosphere of the whole district.

Proximity to water, developed infrastructure and highly-qualified housing- these are the advantages that set apart this district to other ones. Nature and city are intertwined as one;  busy urban life is face to face with the expanses of water and splendid scenery of Ob River.