Indoor Water Park on Russky Lake, Vladivostok


Vladivostok outdoor sea aquarium of marine animals with an international scientific -educational center and indoor water park. 

Russky Island is one of the largest Russian islands in the Pacific Ocean, and, at present, is highly competitive with leading world-class tourist centers and could be an international tourist center in the near future.

One of the most large-scale island project is Maritime sea aquarium , located in the north -east of the Island. It will become the second largest sea aquarium in the world (after “Georgia Aquarium” in Atlanta, USA), being situated under one roof and the only unique Russian scientific-recreational center.  Its area is 30 000 m².  The whole sea aquarium with its utility rooms looks like a seashell and waves.

The Island itself will embrace the following landscape design:  artificial river with a waterfall, open sea aquarium, parks, squares and small architectural shapes. It is supposed that this part of the Island would be the location of research, education and recreation activities.

So, the architects developed such a planning concept that would embody the atmosphere of “near-water” recreation zone. Besides the famous sea aquarium the architects are planning to establish an open aquarium of 56370 m², submarine restaurant and unique apartments, dolphinarium, museum, beaches, hotel with an international diving center, equipped quay with motor-boats and yachts.

Integrated scientific, education and recreational center is planned to be built on the deserted and unlandscaped part of the Island.. Such a center would become a leading complex center for education tourism and recreational activities. To complete the existing architectural complex a unique recreational site should be created.

As the island aquarium embraces outstanding facilities for water entertainment the architects decided to introduce the project of an indoor water park which would be a somewhat continuation of the marine theme and would integrate into the existing infrastructure.

Indoor aquarium presents an original architectural concept- the building looks like a large jelly-fish, the tentacles of which are speed splash slides- there has not been an analogue in Russia yet. The total area will be 14400,0 м².

This water park will be for both those who like extreme recreation activities and those who prefer quiet family rest. Besides speed splash slides of different configurations, this water park will be equipped by updated facilities: swimming pools of 10000,0м², waterfalls, playgrounds, surfing center, as well as spa-complexes, restaurants and saunas. Due to the transparent structure, the water park will absorb natural sunlight. The vibrancy and beauty of this water park will be combined with high-tech, including sophisticated aquatic technology systems, process control automation, access control and services for visitors.

Water park will be functioning year-round and will be the pearl of recreation industry on Russky Island.