Complex of Multi-storey residential buildings. Tyu


"The more good examples of design and architecture are around, the higher will be the quality of our life. I'm sure that well-thought-out projects can change the mindset of residents, their attitude to city, yard, house. Each of us wants to feel close to beauty." - Marcin Bachevsky, International Bureau AHR architect.

Quarter "Novin" is a unique modern residential complex based on principles of European architecture. It is located in central part of Tyumen city.

Architectural and planning concept of the quarter was developed by «Brusnika Engineering and Design» and international architectural bureau «AHR».
In this project our company had an interesting task – to produce design and working documentation based on normative documentation of Russian Federation and at the same time to preserve the concept of European architects.
The residential complex consists of eight modern concrete-framed buildings. This complex can be a vivid example of realization of European integrated building principles, where a person and his family are in the first place.
The project involves the creation of an eight-sectional 7-10-17-storeyed residential building with built-in parking. Total structural volume is 3 943, 55 m2.

The plane of the building has a П-shape and forms a comfortable interior space closed from 3 sides. Underground parking is located in the inner space of the block.

The exterior of the building is designed in modern European architecture style. The variable number of storeys is comfortable for living and let natural light penetrate into apartments and courtyard. Glass facades of the building exclude monotony and complement the variable number of storeys.  The facade is finished with plaster, granite and eco-friendly rock panels.

The project presents a new approach to the organization of the entire residential space: it goes beyond the apartment, and includes a safe entrance, a cozy fenced yard, sports and recreation grounds. This approach forms a special urban environment and an atmosphere of everyday life.

Engineering systems of the building are provided to ensure comfort of residents.

Heat supply pipes are laid between the slab and underlayment so they don’t convey the noise of the upper and lower flats. There is a place for installing outdoor air conditioning for each apartment. The apartments also have counting registers for water, electricity and heat, equipped with a remote reading function.

Architectural and planning solutions of parking allowed excluding unnecessary structures from the yard space. Ventilation is carried out in mines to the roof of high sections so there are no engineering facilities in the interior space of the block. This allows creating the most comfortable environment.
Design solutions also provide the most suitable infrastructure for parents with baby strollers and people with disabilities - the entrances are located on one level with the yard. Each entrance has a room for baby strollers and bicycles.