Total building renovation in Tomsk


Designated name: Regional Government Agency “Documentation Center of Contemporary History of Tomsk Oblast,” 2a Istochnaya St.

"SibTehProekt" LLC  was subcontractor in developing design and estimate documentation in total archive building renovation. 

The building is located in the historical district of Tomsk – Tatar suburb. Here the predominate surrounding real state development is detached wooden houses. 1978's houses were built in accordance with standard design project without tying to existing houses and climate factors. As a result these buildings seem to be disharmonious and classless with the surroundings. The project target was to improve energy efficiency indexes, as well as developing renovated presentable building exterior, not affecting the architectural integrity of historical Tomsk. To renovate the performance parameters of the Center and its system in accordance with the following current rules, regulations and standards:    

• reconstruction of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;

• insulation of enclosing parts;

• roofing.

The project included ventilated glass building facade achieving high thermal efficiency and improving the stable climate in archives throughout winter and summer. Besides, glass walls elevated the disharmonious of the building, refracting and reflecting the context area, which, in its turn, furnishes the unusualness of the urban landscape. As a result it seems that the building itself blends into the surroundings. The Center standouts among the dull brick and stucco facades and wooden buildings. However, the building groups splendidly in the historical Tomsk.

The project was completed in software package Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 2013.