Surveying – system of living behavior


 “Geodesy”— one of the most significant knowledge domains. Our terrestrial life is extraterrestrial limited, whereas to explore its forms and its scale is necessary not only for humanity but also for a human being                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    who examines the details of his/her habitation.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (scientist-geodetic-engineer V.V. Bitkovskiy).

It should be mentioned that a surveyor is not simply a profession or an occupation to earn money for a living; it is a particular lifestyle, habit of thought, mode of feeling the surrounding world and perception of the world around us. They see and observe numerous extraordinary and amusing things which could be strange and unacceptable for most people. It’s common sense that a surveyor would set free a quivering lucky Bluebird, while a man-in-the-street would put it into an iron cage.

To detect the behavior of technogenic factors and to plan the territorial architecture and building design, geodetic-engineers are involved in the integral part of urban development. Satellite measurement methods are widely applied in engineering surveying. Laser scanners, electronic total stations and levels ensure highly-effective solutions of surveying tasks.      
Based on obtained data, professional designers develop foundations and future building constructions,  taking into account the specific features of topography, intersecting water courses and engineering-geological processes which could influence the construction process and building in-service life. The more accurate the decisions of survey-engineers, designers and constructors, the less time and budget economy is spend on construction and as a result, greatly influences the life of people.

Professionals in different areas of civil engineering, engineering and construction, working as a team and understanding one and the same “professional language” could meet a tight schedule in satisfying the demands of any client.

Our Company involves specialists from every corner of the world- tropical countries, Altai Mountains, Sayan Mountains to the Arctic Ocean. We are not those tourists who have to spend their own money to travel anywhere, we have our paid routes and respect of our clients.  We cool down our “overheated bodies” in the ice-cold waters of the Katun and Uba Rivers; soothe our mosquito-bitten skin in the torrent streams of the Yenisei and the Lower and Stony Tunguska; admire the sunset over the tundra horizons and cover our bodies with the relaxing waves of the Indian Ocean.


Life is wonderful! Life comes through comparison! Those whose are limping along in the plant workshops and those who are stooping over their office tables- what a miserable picture!!

We need not only specialists of higher education and second technical training, but also those who could drive off-roaders and cars in swelling ground surroundings. derive What satisfaction of the body and mind could be derived from the naturally catchy views. Satisfaction is not the winner, to the children go the spoils; it is they who find the meaning and purpose of Nature- sometimes – harsh, sometimes – caressing and patient. (Text has been written by writer Segrei A. Kuklin).