Gas supply in Tomsk


Nowadays, there is a shortage of natural gas in some areas of Tomsk regions. The total low gasification level (according to the latest data- about 20%) is becoming a serious problem in improving the life-sustaining level. So, current gasification programs are being dynamically developed and implemented at the local and regional level. 

Within the municipal long-term purpose-oriented program “Gasification of Municipal District Tomsk,” approved by the administrative act of № 380, issued 17.04.2012, our Company won the online public auction in developing the design and estimate documentations, including package of survey, land use planning and cadastral works at gasification sites of municipal district Tomsk.     

The project was implemented according to the following scheme:

1. Engineering- geodetic and engineering -geologic survey

The geodetic base (data) involved establishing horizontal and vertical control points based on static observations by GPS / GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers. Topographic mapping scale 1:500 with contour interval of 0.5m was performed through total station. The work involved a detailed sketch including characteristics of building and construction, utility systems, vegetation features, underground facilities- location depth, diameter and denomination.  

Inspection wells and utility network were investigated and measured. The laying (foundation) and horizontal location and elevation of blank out cable and pipeline points were determined to detect underground utility system lines.

Based on survey results of electronic topographic land parcel plan, scale 1:500, indicating  elevation differences and all incorporated and detected utilities.

2. Developing project documentation

The benchmark in designing the gas supply system includes technical specifications as following:

• baseline data to elaborate required actions in civil defence, emergency situation prevention measures (both natural and technogenic), as well as information about fire-fighting department in Main Department, EMERCOM, Russia in Tomsk Oblast; 

• technical specifications for connection to gas distribution pipeline system  in JSC “Tomskoblgaz”;

•  technical specifications in connecting the capital construction infrastructure to engineering infrastructure network in Tomsk Administration.  

According to the project technical specifications intra-city gas pipelines were required. This includes high-pressure gs pipeline, gas pressure reduction cabinet unit, low-pressure gas distribution pipelines to the residential house s(to boundaries of private land holding).  Laying method for gas distribution pipeline- predominately, underground. The material is polyethylene (underground) and steel (surface).  

Special attention is paid to the rational distribution of the gas system network within selected territory, system binding to building, facilities and technical unit location, existing utility network, installation of height points and coordinate axes of pipelines. The technical solutions provide required safety level and reliability of future gas distributing network.

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3. Land use planning - plan package of survey and drafting and adopting land use planning documents. Our experts conducted the following operations in marking land parcel for gas supply network construction site:

• requested and obtained State Real Estate Cadastre information (cadastre excerpts, territorial cadastral title plan) from FSBI Federal Service for State Registration Cadastral Records and Cartography;  

• after engineering-geodetic survey and gas supply project development, land plot development was organized in accordance with existing legislative regulations; 

• requested and obtained certificates in preliminary address registration of real estate site in Unified Address Register, Tomsk;

• boundaries of land parcel, adopted by all interested parties, as well as operating organizations (OOO Municipal Electricity Co., OOO TomskWater Services Co., JSC Rostelekom Co., JSC Tomskoblgas Co., OOO Gasprom Gas -distribution Tomsk, JSC Territorial Generating Co, and others);

• plotted land parcel layout diagram of the territorial cadastral plan and adopted by Department of Architecture, Town and Property Management in Tomsk; 

• agreed and approved Land Allocation Certificate by Department of Architecture, Town and Property Management, Tomsk, Environmental Protection Agency, Tomsk Regional Administrations; published necessary materials (documents) in official volume of Tomsk Administration to inform the population about future activities; 

• representation act of preliminary approvals and establishment of land parcel for gas supply system construction.

Compiling a complete work-package includes acquisition and document duplication as information about real estate property, their parts for further cadastral registration and State registration of rights to form real estate properties. 

Compiling cadastral work package for land parcel survey in constructing gas supply network includes:

• plotting land survey plan of land parcel by applying software “Technocad-Express,”notarized and certified by cadastral digital engineer stamp; 

• executed representation on State cadastral registration of land parcels;

•  obtained cadastral certificate of land parcels.

It is obvious that the gasification of our town is far-reaching and socially important development trend.

We are proud that we are participating in such a momentous event, as we became the only company having a complete production cycle of contract work comparable to other companies.   It should be noted that the project proceeded numerous discussions and debates, continuous modifications, additions and adjustments with both Client and operating companies. However, the solutions of many questions were discussed within one company and one professional team.

Rapid construction in Tomsk movers into high gear every year, which means that the demand in “blue fuel” will be increasing. The municipal program involves improving the gasification level in Tomsk up to 70%. In the future – new targets and new opportunities. In fact, proper and safe functioning of gas supply system requires, first and foremost, competent and appropriate elaboration of project documentation. We will try to do our best- all the houses and organizations in Tomsk should be supplied with gas. The houses will be warm and comfortable.