Automated technological process control system for water treatment unit “Impulse -50-1/50”


The Company has executed the complete operating cycle in equipment delivery and start-up and commissioning of automated water treatment unit system “Impulse -50-1/50” for site “Restoration of water supply system and water disposal system in Kuril Islands. Sixth line-up, Iturup. Water supply system, Reidovo. 

Automated technological process control system (ATP CS) is designed to control water treatment station equipment as part of water treatment unit “Impulse -50-1/50,”control and display of emergency conditions, status & performance and operation regime of technological equipment. 

ATP CS is modular designed as dust-moisture proof control cabinet, including specific functions and having desired purpose: 

- measurement of technological parameters by level, pressure and flow transmitters;
- input of statutory process values, protection and control parameters of pumps, ventilators, power supply source and electrical shutters;
- output and signaling of process values and equipment unit condition;
- manual and automatic control of technological equipment according to specified operation algorithm.

ATP is designed for water purification unit with five sludge filters.
The basic operation principle of this system is distributed controlled objects. The system is designed on the basis of applying both domestic and foreign program logic controller (PLC) and contact-relay equipment.

Design-built system includes a set of control cabinets and instrumentation. Automatic elements and power (cable) components for equipment control are housed inside the control cabinets.  Display and operating elements are on the cabinet door face plate. Operator panel (OP) with touch screen is applied as the indicators and control elements.

Water purification facility operates in two regimes- automatic and manual.
In cassee of automatic regime In case of equipment adjusting activities and/or automatic control system failure, manual mode is involved. Equipment system control is performed by buttons “START/STOP” for each component (ventilator,  power supply source, pumps and electrical shutters).  

In case of automatic regime the unit performs purification and filtration of feedwater and filter flushing of filter clarifying vertical (FCV).