Las Vegas 2016

November 15, 2016

Victory in open project contest Autodesk University 2016 made it possible to participate in the outstanding event – Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas.

At the conference we got acquainted with the latest achievements of Autodesk Company in software design development, as well as future developed project sites. For example, we saw the working robotic 3D printing and appraised the robot-builder in bricklaying and protective helmets with AR (augmented reality) functions. There were IS (industry business solution) seminars where the Company’s up-to-date experience in different construction (engineering) design areas were discussed.

We unveiled the world entertainment metropolis, being astonished with its splendor, size, miracles of constructing engineer ingenuity, life pattern and, of course, its great sweep of magnitude. Here “the best of the lot”- extravagant, mega-huge, vivid and deep in color, crazy expensive, profound and towering city. The most colossal city in Nevada,  the most massive gold bar, the highest vocal fountains, the hugest bottle of Coca Cola, the brightest glimmering shop- windows and advertising billboards and most luxurious hotels.

We also visted the Grand Canyon – natural Wonder of the World; one of the most deepest and extensive canyons in the USA. Last but not least, we drove through the west states wind on one’s hair. We want to share our photo report!