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«SibTehProekt» LLC executes a complete range of project designs. We design any object at all stages of the project- from the concept itself to the in-depth development of engineering documentation. The objects are public, residential, administrative and industrial buildings, as well as site plans of territories, housing communities and detached houses. We have experience in developing not only customized -tailored projects for one client and his/her family but also implementing unified project concepts of standardized blocks of flats in towns and cities.

Our task - creative civil and industrial construction project design with sound management of innovation technology and engineering solutions to improve quality of living standards, energy and performance efficiency.

Our assets - distinct project management structure, i.e. potential creativity coupled with unaccustomed advanced business project management principle. All elaborated design documentation is executed via software design aids. Innovations further the development of a flexible pricing-based system.

We are ready! We take pride in the words «This is our project!»


The Company was established to achieve the dream: quick and high-quality project development through BIM (Building Information Modeling) based on Autodesk Revit program.

Traditionally, project design teams develop plans, profiles, elevation drawings, specifications and perspectives which, in the project development process should be manually redesigned in terms of new and new alterations.

However,  in the process of BIM-Revit project development a parameter-oriented model is created which automatically produces documentation drawings. Such an approach enhances the model-based project management techniques, which, in its turn, both implicitly executes all possible approved drawings and applies the model for project analysis, involving illumination,  energy and material consumption.   

BIM-Revit project development has a potentially competitive position to successfully operate throughout the territory of Russia.


The Company is regularly conducting HR monitoring, requiring experts in different professional occupations:
1. project managers;
2. architects in Architectural Solutions (AS) and Architectural Investigations (AI);
3. design- engineers in RC Construction, Construction Solution (CS), Metalwork (MW), Timber Constructions (TC);
4. development- engineers in Heating and Ventilation (HV); Water Supply and Sewerage (WSS); Electromechanical Solutions and Lighting (EML); Thermomechanical Solutions .  Heating Unit.(TM-HU); Thermomechanical Solutions of Heating System (TS-HS). Out-door Plumbing System (OPS);  Automation Process (AP).
5. design managers (constructors)* for developing engineering documentation  (modeling thermo-mechanical processes).
Qualification: higher professional education (TPU, Department of Mechanical Engineering),undergraduates and/or specialists having operating skills in the following software systems:
• and other software system analogues
Send your resume (in MS Word format). DO NOT DISTURB PHONE CALLS!
Thank you for being interested in us!


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